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Sir Vital - Men's Grooming and Shaving Products
Brought to you by Source Vitál, Sir Vitál focuses on clean, natural, handmade skin care and grooming products made from high-quality botanicals, hemp, seaweed, and essential oils.

Sir Vitál was carefully designed for men’s skin care and daily grooming. Our products have been formulated with clean, pure, and natural ingredients, handmade to restore a sense of balance to the skin, body and mind by offering a simple and effective daily grooming ritual. Sir Vitál looks to provide an ease and quiet confidence you get from taking care of yourself to unlock a greater acceptance of oneself, the ability to embrace others, and a stronger relationship with the Earth and Sea.

clean. natural. small batch. formulated for the skin of men.

Sir Vital Men's Natural Skin Care and Grooming Products

Natural, Clean Ingredients

Formulated by the experts at Source Vitál Apothecary, Sir Vitál is packed with nourishing marine algae extracts, natural botanicals like Organic Hemp Seed Oil and Aloe Vera, and 100% pure essential oils. Our products contains high concentrations of safe and natural ingredients the body can recognize and absorb to keep the skin feeling refreshed, comforted and looking its best.
Men's Shaving Products in Houston

Sir Vitál Products Carried at Source Vitál Apothecary + Beauty Market

  • CLEANSE: Algae Cleansing Face Paste
  • SHAVE: Cedarwood Shea Shaving Lotion
  • SOOTHE: Vetiver Spruce After Shave
  • CONDITION: Blue Tansy Avocado Beard Oil
  • TAME: Copaiba Pine Beard Oil
  • THRIVE: Peppermint Sage Beard Oil
  • EVOLVE: Natural Fragrance Cologne
  • TRAVEL KIT: Travel size products with your choice of beard oil

How to Buy Sir Vitál

Stop by Source Vitál Apothecary + Beauty Market at 1291 N. Post Oak, Suite 125, Houston, TX 77055 during business hours. Or, you can always order online at